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Why Join Our Affiliate Program?
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You generate a new stream of income, while celebrating our American Heritage of love of God and love of country. This foundational perspective is firmly established and traditionally revered through the work of Master Artist Arnold Friberg. As a partner you will help preserve the truth of God’s divine hand in bringing forth our nation with the Liberty and Freedom we so cherish. You will be reminding every citizen of the universal values and principles this great nation was founded upon, and the urgent need for prayer in guiding the people and the leaders of the United States of America. Mr. Friberg said it best when he stated:

Art is always at its best when serving a cause greater than the artist.
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How Does It Work?
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When you become an Affiliate Partner, you will be supplied with banners and textual links that you will place within your website. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn a 10% commission every time that customer places an order. Real-Time Statistics and Reporting! Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.